Answer Key Exams  is a web-based application that allows you to easily create, administer and manage your own tests and exams online. Using your own content, the step-by-step interface allows you to drop in your exam questions, requiring no programming or design experience. Whether you use a preset theme or add your own design elements, your test forms will be professional looking and ready to launch within hours.
Answer Key's admin features allow you to automatically send e-mail invitations and reminders to your participants. These automated features take the burden out of administration, allowing you to send invitations en masse to targeted individuals. If you do not have a pre-determined list of participants, you can use the self-registration feature and simply post the exam link on your website or paste inside your internal communications.
Get real-time results as they come in. Through Answer Key's admin console you can monitor progress, view test scores and download summary and detailed data for advanced analysis. Built-in features allow you to send and receive notification emails upon completion of tests, provide instant scores and results back to the participant as well as the administrator, and even issue customized and downloadable PDF certificates upon passing!
One app with many applications - Use Answer Key's software to conduct:
  • Certification Programs
  • Distance Learning
  • Compliance Exams and Renewals
  • Organizational Training
  • Skills Assessments
  • Preparatory & Practice Exams
  • Study Exams & Class Supplements
Doing everything is our specialty, so relax and let us take the reigns! We offer fully managed solutions from test design and configuration, to administration, notification cycles, monitoring, and reporting. Starting with a brief consultation, we'll recommend options that fit your specific needs and budget. Get in touch with us, we'd love to hear about your project!
Feature List
Whether you have an enterprise level account or using our low/no cost option, all Answer Key Exam features are unlocked and ready to use. Below are just some of the key features available to you:
  • Organize exams in series/courses
  • Make full copies or shell copies of your exams with one click
  • Add a timer; exam will auto-submit when timer expires
  • Randomize question order on pages
  • Randomly draw questions from larger pool
  • Organize questions into categories
  • Draw balanced exam questions from categories
  • Set limit on number of attempts
  • Set waiting period between attempts
  • Fully customizable text, messages, and branding throughout
  • Add logos, images, video, documents, and other multimedia throughout
  • Multi-language support
  • Customize the appearance, use preset themes or take complete control of the design
  • Add selected participants individually or upload en masse prior to exam launch
  • Customizable self-registration options allow you to post the exam link on your website or internal communications
  • Automated e-mail invitation feature; send e-mails to targeted individuals
  • Built-in reminder invitation option. System recognizes who should and should not receive follow-up reminders.
  • Use system-generated access codes or specify your own unique access codes for participants.
  • Dedicated server options for high-volume exams
  • Dynamic end page and e-mail notifications based on exam results
  • Send e-mail notification upon exam completion to both participant and/or administrator
  • Present exam score, category scores, and question-by-question results on end page and e-mail notifications
  • Exam results may be kept hidden from participants and only viewable by admins
  • Present PDF Certificate of Completion on end page and e-mail notification
  • Redirect to your website upon exam completion (with optional parameters)
  • View real-time exam results as they come in
  • Download exam data with optional date range; summary and detailed results available
  • RESTful API callback options available
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