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Individual Medicare Certification Test
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Per CMS regulations, CDPHP® has implemented Medicare training for brokers' standards for all Medicare brokers and agents. Your compensation for sales of all individual HMO & PPO products within the CDPHP Individual Medicare Advantage platform depends upon successful completion of this training on an annual basis. To fulfill this requirement, you must also successfully complete AHIP’s Medicare and Fraud, Waste and Abuse training annually.

When you begin this online test, please note that it will be given in the following order:

Review Documents
The entire collection of documents below must be read prior to taking the certification test.

Information Verification
You must provide your first and last name, email address, NYS License number and expiration date.

CDPHP Individual Medicare Advantage Certification Test
The test contains 30 questions pertaining to our benefits and CMS compliance regulations.

Successful passing is defined as a score of 85 percent or higher. When a passing score has been achieved, the system will auto generate a Certificate with your name. This Certificate can be printed by you and saved to your computer.

Please note: You are allowed to utilize available materials that are provided on this page or in the invitation to the exam.

I certify by completing the fields below that I have reviewed and understand the Fraud, Waste and Abuse document:

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